Pastors Live


Join us  for a light-hearted and humorous visit with the pastors of Watersprings Church chatting about current events, happenings around the church, theology, eschatology or perhaps our favorite flavor of ice cream. In short, a few of us pour a cup of coffee and have a visit… and you’re invited.

Weekdays at 9am & 5pm! New episodes drop on weekdays at 10am from your favorite podcast streaming platform.

Pastor Ty – Musician, chief artisan, teacher and lead pastor, serving our Jesus Family every day. My motivating force is my unquenchable passion to know God, understand His Word, and love God’s people.

Pastor Dave – Servant, Leader and Lover of the Lord Jesus Christ, spending my days sowing into others and leading others to deeper relationships with Jesus.

Pastor Shane – Metalhead, mission-minded, musician pushing the boundaries of where people take the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A witty, helper of all, doing everything for Jesus.


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Pastors Live